Since its establishment, WELLS has served many domestic and foreign industry leading enterprises; we can not only provide customers with material procurement, SMT, THT and hybrid assembly, functional testing, mechanical assembly, but also handle redesign and upgrades to meet customer needs.
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About Wells

Wells was established in 2007 in shenzhen China . It is a one-stop service factory which dedicated to providing customers with pcb production, component purchasing, SMT & DIP assembly ,programming &testing,Final case assembly . We have a flexible production system with samples, small and medium-sized batches, and multiple batches, which has the advantages of fast quotation, rapid production, and fast delivery. It is the most distinctive electronic research and development and hardware innovation service provider.
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Why Choose Wells
The one-stop contract manufacturing provided to you includes parts procurement, PCB assembly, QC inspection, programming, packaging, functional testing, packing and global shipping; saving you the trouble of communication barriers, component quality problems and inventory problems

Own factory, source manufacturer

6,000 square meters of production base, 18 years of factory production experience, advanced production equipment and complete systems and processes.

One-stop service

PCB and IC component procurement, burning testing, and shell assembly; one-stop solution to production problems for customers.

Prototype, small batch production

Intelligent material management, order scheduling system, and flexible production combination line provide customers with rapid proofing and trial production services.

fast delivery

Strong supplier network, complete MES system, fast delivery within 4-6 hours at the fastest.

Professional service team

12 people for procurement, 18 people for project engineers, and 56 people for quality experts are ready to solve various problems encountered in design and production.

International quality inspection standards

The entire process is managed by MES system and has passed ISO9001:2015, ISO14001, ISO13485, ISO/TS 16949 and other certifications.

A good after-sales service

7*24-hour online after-sales service, diversified warranty agreements, after-sales tracking, and technical support services can solve various problems at any time.

Excellent industry reputation

Over the past 18 years, the company has received unanimous praise from many customers in terms of efficiency, quality, service and other aspects, and is their most trusted hardware partner.

We serve many of the industry's most demanding customers, and when you need a product development partner, you can count on us.
The company has passed: ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, IATF16949:2016, UL, high-tech certification, and is also an IPC member. We have a strict internal quality control system to provide you with high-quality PCBA assembly and processing products.
Certification Certification

Top 10 Most Promising Chip Leading Stocks in 2021


Zhaoyi Innovation: Currently, the global DRAM market is monopolized by the United States and South Korea, and according to statistics, 95% of the global DRAM supply is controlled by American and South Korean companies.

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19 2023-04

Communication is important before production

Any business communication is a way for both parties to demonstrate their sincerity and cooperation with each other. Especially when it comes to key links such as new fields, new products, and new processes in SMT processing

19 2023-04

How to choose Conformal Coating for DC Power PCB

Everyone knows that making a DC power PCB is transforming the designed DC power schematic into a tangible DC power PCB DC power circuit board. Don't underestimate this process, as there are many things that work in the DC power principle that are difficult to implement in engineering

19 2023-04

What is the circuit voltage test conducted by SMT technology

Nowadays, in many SMT technology production workshops of SMT factories, we often hear an industry term called circuit board testing; What does the industry language used in SMT workshop production mean?

19 2023-04

Top 10 Most Promising Chip Leading Stocks in 2021

Zhaoyi Innovation: Currently, the global DRAM market is monopolized by the United States and South Korea, and according to statistics, 95% of the global DRAM supply is controlled by American and South Korean companies.

19 2023-04

How to effectively judge the quality of a PCB circuit board?

How can we effectively and quickly evaluate the quality of a PCB circuit board when there are no other testing tools available around it when we receive it?

19 2023-04

What does PCB sampling in SMT factories mean?

Let's take everyone to understand and understand what PCB sampling refers to in the industry? With the rapid development of the times, there are more and more electronic products with higher precision requirements.

19 2023-04

Cleaning PCBA circuit boards in SMT processing plants

SMT refers to surface mount technology, also known as surface mount or surface mount technology, which is a popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. The basic process flow of smt includes solder paste printing, part mounting, reflow soldering, AOI optical detection, maintenance and plate separation, etc

19 2023-04

Theoretical process of PCB board production process

SMT is Surface Mounted Technology, which is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for electronic circuits

19 2023-04

The most complete PCBA processing process must be collected

According to the requirements of different production technologies, it can be divided into single-sided SMT mounting process, single-sided DIP insertion process, single-sided mixed mounting process, single-sided mounting and insertion mixed mounting process

19 2023-04

Requirements for PCB SMT processing in PCBA welding processi

When welding and processing PCBA, there are usually many requirements for PCBA boards, and only boards that meet the requirements can be welded and processed. So why do welding processes require so many requirements for boards?